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Curanderismo presentation in Iceland


Calendar of Events

Maestra Grace offers individual and family consultations as well as lectures, workshops, and presentations using story-telling, PowerPoint, song, and ritual to fit the needs of organizations or universities on a variety of topics.

Individual and Group Services in San Diego, California

  • Curanderismo sessions, including limpias, pláticas (heart-to-heart conversations), and Indigenous hands-on healing (Indigenous protocols are followed; details provided prior to session). 

  • Individual and family counseling using cross-cultural Indigenous spirituality-based approach.

  • Women's Circles (private events will not be listed here)

  •  Reiki energy healing therapy for individuals, and Reiki training for beginners to master-level.


January - August 5, 2020

San Diego, California

March 30 - April 10, 2020

Iskotew Elder's Lodge, Ottawa, Canada

Grace and her husband Ken Cohen will serve as Elders-in-Residence at the Iskotew Elder's Lodge, offering daily weekday noon lectures and individual healing sessions. "The lodges are Aboriginal teaching and healing centres that regularly provide teachings, elder consultations, and story-telling to First Nations and bring cultural awareness to employees - especially the ones who provide health services to Aboriginal peoples. People of all faiths are welcome. 

June - July 15


August 10-September 25

Individual and Group sessions in Nederland, Colorado



March 23, 2019: Awaken Your Inner HealerReiki for Beginners (Level I)

Alpine, California

The Reiki for Beginners (Reiki Level One) workshop will include an overview of the founding and history of Reiki, the individual Reiki initiation, and learning how to treat yourself and treating others including animal relations. The class size is purposely small in order to have |ample discussion on: the ethics of healing and self-care, grounding, working within a non-ordinary state of awareness, maintaining energetic and professional boundaries, and energetic protection. Students will perform a reiki treatment on a fellow student and participate in a group treatment session. Handouts that are part of the manual provided include charts for self-treatment and treating people, plants, and animal companions. You will receive a Certificate of Completion, a copy of a comprehensive Reiki First Degree Practitioner’s Manual, and a guided self-treatment meditation CD that you will use daily for the following 21 days. You will be eligible to take Reiki Level 2 after three months of integration, self-treatments, and practice. You will leave the class with self-confidence knowing that the ability to heal is an innate part of who you are, and that you have the ability to do it. The deadline to register is March 19, 2019. Email Maestra Grace for more information and to register.  Click here for more on her Reiki healing practice. Tuition: $250

April 10, 2019: Being a Good Relative, a Plática on Nochtin Nomecayotzin - All My Relations

Esalen Institute

A plática is an Indigenous way of sharing from the heart and listening with the heart — especially in the healing tradition known as Curanderismo. In this plática, Grace will share about her practice and her passion and joy in reminding people about the Indigenous worldview contained within the important words “All My Relations.” Living with honesty, respect, courage, reciprocity, compassion, and passion, a new/old way of living in the world begins to unfold. 

April 27, 2019: Using Reiki to Heal at Distance (Level II)

Alpine, California

During the Reiki Second Degree class, you are attuned to the three traditional reiki symbols, their pronunciation and how to draw each correctly. You will learn how to use the symbols to give yourself treatments; and you will learn how to heal at a distance (also known as non-local healing) by using the reiki symbols. We will explore the various ways we can use the symbols while treating people at a distance, and the use of symbols as a focus for uncovering, and releasing, emotional blocks. You must have completed and demonstrated proficiency in Reiki Level One (either with Grace or another Reiki Master) to register for this class. Time is set aside for a thorough discussion of the ethics of healing others, both in person and at a distance. Tuition: $300

May 2-6, 2019: Attending Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology Conference, New Mexico

June 11, 2019: Curanderismo, Healing the Heart & Restoring the Spirit, a Plática

Burley Manor Hotel, Ringwood Road, Burley Bh24 4bs  (England)

A plática is a Mexican-Indigenous way of sharing from the heart and listening with the heart – especially in the healing tradition known as Curanderismo. Join us for an evening with Grace Alvarez Sesma as she speaks with us about Curanderismo’s history and the beautiful healing rituals that are a part of her culture. Rooted in the healing traditions of Mexico, its rituals can help re-integrate aspects of the self that may have been lost, or fragmented, due to trauma or illness.

Practitioners combine the use of pláticas, heart-to-heart talks and limpias, spiritual cleansings, using a raw egg gently run along the client’s body, and barridas, brushing the body and auric field with a bundle of aromatic plants to create positive shifts in the body, mind, and spirit. To register and for more information, contact Conscious Living Events.

June 20-24, 2019: Annual Taoist Conference, Los Angeles, California

August 25 September 25, 2019: Consultations in Nederland, Colorado

October 11: Sagrada Medicine, Nos Proteje y Se Defiende (Sacred Medicine, Protecting It as It protects Us) - Riverside, California.

7 PM at Corazon Counseling Services. For details: Eventbrite, Flyer (Registration is full)

October 28-November 21: Taiwan

November 21-24:  Native Truth and Healing: California Genocide Conference 2019

Grace Sesma during curanderismo presentation in Iceland.