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Maestra Grace offers individual and family consultations as well as lectures, workshops, and presentations using story-telling, PowerPoint, song, and ritual to fit the needs of organizations or universities on a variety of topics.


  • Curanderismo sessions, including limpias, pláticas (heart-to-heart conversations), and Indigenous hands-on healing (Indigenous protocols are followed; details provided prior to session). Because of COVID19 sessions take place via telephone or Zoom and remote healing.

  • Individual and family counseling using cross-cultural Indigenous spirituality-based approach.

  • One-on-One Personal Coaching, via telephone or Zoom.

  • Women's Circles (private events will not be listed here)

  • Reiki Therapy & Training Courses. In order to respect the culture and uniqueness of both the Curanderismo and Reiki path, Grace maintains a separate website for her Reiki practice at Reiki Energy Healing Therapy


January - August 5, 2020

San Diego, California

March 30 - April 10, 2020

Iskotew Elder's Lodge, Ottawa, Canada

Grace and her husband Ken Cohen will serve as Elders-in-Residence at the Iskotew Elder's Lodge, offering daily weekday noon lectures and individual healing sessions. The lodge is a healing centre that regularly provide teachings, elder consultations, and story-telling to First Nations and bring cultural awareness to employees - especially the ones who provide health services to Aboriginal peoples. People of all faiths are welcome. The Canadian Department of Health Ministry is hosting the two-week program. The talks and private individual sessions are offered to staff and community free of charge. To schedule a private consultation or for more information on the noon lectures, contact:
Christine Chapman, Iskotew Lodge Program Coordinator
Coordinatrice de programmes du Pavillon Iskotew
Immeuble Brooke Claxton Building, A.L. 0900C
Room 0125C, 70 Colombine Dr.
Pré Tunney’s Pasture, Ottawa, ON K1A 0K9
Phone: 613-957-3216
Fax: 613-948-4674

NOTICE: Classes and consultations are available only via Zoom or telephone due to COVID 19.

July 8, 2020 : Curanderismo the Original Narrative Therapy for BIPOC hosted by Corazon Counseling. Limited class size.

Update: 06/24/20 - Presentation now full.

​July 25, 2020, 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm PST:  (click on title for PDF)  Learning to Be a Good Relative: An On-Line Platica on Cross-Cultural Protocols & Indigenous Etiquette. Pre-registration is required as space is limited. Deadline: July 20, 2020.


Interview with Maestro Jerry Tello on the Healing Generations Podcast.

September/October: Weaving Curanderismo with Counseling Practices, Platicas for Chicanx Therapists. (Private series)

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