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Reflect, Release, Reset

During the full moon and the next three days, I encourage you to set aside time to contemplate what has transpired in your life over the past month or months.

Did you take loving care of your body, mind, and spirit? Were you kind to yourself? How did you express gratitude and reciprocity for your life? What are you still holding onto that needs to be released? Are you holding on to grudges and unforgiveness towards yourself and others? Have you been holding on to the idea that you are not enough? Are you willing to open your heart to give and receive love? Did you accept loving and appropriate support from others? What do you need to surrender to dream a new dream into existence?

Artist: Rick Ortega,

After completing this time of reflection, take a full moon herbal bath or shower (link below). Give permission to your own beautiful, wise spirit and your high holy guardians to help you let go of what is weighing you down. Doing so will help create spaciousness in your body, mind, and spirit for new ways of being, giving, and receiving... as always, ask for the seeds of new dreams to manifest with ease and grace and that clear guidance be given in a way that you will understand.

Another important spiritual practice you can do during the full moon or at any time is to actively gather and reclaim the energy we have left behind during our travels and interactions with family, friends, lovers, and persons we see as not-friends. This includes sexual relationships, casual and long-term ones. Make a list of everyone with whom you have ever exchanged energy, including sex. Then one by one, compassionately return to them any energy you may have taken and are still carrying. When you are complete, burn the list with prayers. We reset our emotions and spirit to neutral so that we can act and react with clarity and purpose.

Con cariño y bendiciones, Maestra Grace Links: In English: En español: Artist: Rick Ortega,

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Beautiful . Thank you.


Michell Banuelos
Michell Banuelos

This is beautiful and received in perfect timing - Gracias

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