A Curandera in the UK

The heart of a curanderismo session begins with prayer and a plática. It is also a beautiful way to create and nurture mutually respectful relationships, both personally and professionally. On June 11th, I am bringing that heart-centered way of sharing to the United Kingdom.

Background on my pláticas:

I like to keep my pláticas open and fluid. Rather than a stodgy lecture, I prefer to first offer a little storytelling to give people a better idea of why I was compelled to follow the dream guidance of the ancestors; turning away from a well paying conventional career to a life of servant-leadership, service, and ongoing learning that, for me, is the path of Curanderismo. From there I go on to share a brief slide presentation on how different aspects of traditional wisdom survived the onslaught of Spanish colonization to transform into what today we know as Curanderismo. I also touch on the importance of respecting traditions that one is not born into and how to show appreciation and support without misappropriating knowledge and practices.