The Great Conjunction this Winter Solstice

Updated: May 26

“Prophecy spoke to this event, when Jupiter and Saturn would appear as one on Winter Solstice, and how that celestial light would illuminate darkness that had been cast upon Earth. This Great Conjunction carries the promise of higher consciousness, cooperation and understanding among peoples, interpreted by some to signal a return to Indigenous ways and fundamental values at what Chief Arvol Looking Horse describes as, “the crossroads of mankind.”

Visit the Global Indigenous Council The Great Conjunction Winter Solstice 2020 to listen to insightful reflections and cultural perspectives on this year's Winter Solstice and what this sacred day means for us individually and collectively.

Joining Chief Arvol Looking Horse (19th Generation Keeper of the sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe of the Lakota, Dakota & Nakota Oyate) are:

• Zoran Dimov (President of the International Romani Union)

• Dennis Simmons (Nyongar Nation of Western Australia Cultural Practitioner & Traditional Leader)

• Grace Alvarez Sesma (Cultural Practitioner, Healer & Educator)

• Ben Nuvamsa (Hopi Bear Clan Elder & Spokesperson)

"We have entered a period where, as human beings, we have a choice to make. We can listen to this ancient wisdom and come together to save our Mother Earth and ourselves by choosing to live in a compassionate and cooperative way, or we can stay on the road of selfishness, greed, and violence that has culminated in this chaos and destruction. Our relatives above are illuminating this choice for us.” — Náhkȯxho’óxeóó’ėstse/Bulka Werynninny Waangaka (Rain), Executive Director – Global Indigenous Council.

As some of you may know, I have been receiving dream guidance and messages from an early age from a group of Indigenous Grandmothers-in-Spirit. While I touch on that in my Great Conjunction message I’d also like to share with you a more recent dream: I am aware of my self, of my consciousness floating high in the sky... my attention is drawn downwards...looking down, I see many, many people inside boats and ships, hundreds of ships dot the middle of the ocean. Soon I begin to see humpback whales, gray whales, and other smaller whales, possibly orcas, rising up swimming among the boats. Suddenly, I found myself in the ocean treading water alongside a huge humpback whale looking into its eye. Seeing deeply through her I felt she was conveying both a profound sadness and sternness. She told me, mind-to-mind, that it was getting too late... then, I was above in the sky again, looking down I begin to see whales going up to each boat gently touching each one. Each time a whale touched a boat or ship with the tip of its head, a ship full of people vanished. As I watched, little by little, all humans, except for a small group gathered on an island, disappeared….

I believe that Spirit and Mother Earth herself have been communicating (and continue to do so) with many of us via dreams and visions to help us course- correct; to guide us to live in a way that is respectful of our environment; of mother earth and to support land defenders, water protectors, and other activists and leaders who are courageously standing up and speaking out in order to help reverse the harm that is being done to the earth and our animal relations -- and ultimately to ourselves.

On December 21st, please join me in prayer by lighting a small personal fire (a candle may be used if you cannot have an open fire outdoors) and re-dedicating yourself to helping bring more light, hope, and healing for Mother Earth, for ourselves and for All Our Relations.

My deep thanks to Chief Judy Wilson (Neskonlith) of the Global Indigenous Council who sat in on a talk I offered during a healing retreat for the House of the Moon and activists working on behalf of Missing Murdered Indigenous People for the invitation to offer a message for The Great Conjunction Winter Solstice 2020 program. It is an honor to be of service in this way and in the company of elders for whom I have deep respect.

May your inner light shine as brightly as the grandfather sun as it rises after the longest night.

Maestra Grace

Listen to the The Great Conjunction Winter Solstice 2020 messages at the Great Conjunction GIC Website (best viewed on a desktop).

Visit the House of the Moon for more information on Missing Murdered Indigenous Women.