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Remembering Our Little Angels

For some of our friends and relatives Dia de Muertos is a time not only for remembering parents, grandparents, and ancestors. It is also a time for healing our hearts of the loss of a baby. For some the loss may have happened during pregnancy; for others during a child's early or teenage years.

Last year, I held a Dia de Angelitos ceremony especially for women and parents who were grieving, some for many years, not having had the support nor a ritual for honoring their memory or for sharing their thoughts and emotions, nor a loving and non-judgmental way to release their connection to the spirit of their child. This is not something to be done lightly and without experience. As a mother, grandmother and healer I honor this very sacred bond and the trust placed upon me.

Tonight, we believe that the spirit of our babies and children will begin their journey from the world of spirit to this one arriving after midnight and remaining through tomorrow night.

If you would like to remember your child and do not have a photograph, you can place an item that honors their memory such as a baby blanket, a onesie or baby bottle on your altar. If you don't have an altar yet, it is not too late to set one up. A shelf covered with a tablecloth can be used -- some of the most beautiful ofrendas I've seen are simple altars that glow with the love with which they are made.

Once your altar is ready, a simple prayer in your own words is the beginning of the ritual of welcome and remembrance. Share your memories (alone or with a trusted friend or relative). If you feel the need to ask for forgiveness, do so. In my experience that is the most important aspect of our healing -- I always feel a sense of lightness in the room when this happens, in both this realm and where the spirit resides. Afterwards, you can cleanse yourself with incense or sage then go outside if the weather allows, remove your shoes and allow Mother Earth to ground and center you.

On November 3 when you start to remove your altar, offer another prayer of gratitude and farewell. Our beloveds return Home to the heart of Creator for another year.

May our remembrances bring love, healing, and lightness to all hearts for 7 Generations, Maestra Grace

The basic elements that go on a table that can be used as an altar are: marigolds (or other yellow flower), candle, incense, a small bowl of salt, a glass of water, photographs of your loved ones, their favorite food and beverage, baby clothing, binky, or toys.

November 1 is Dia de los Angelitos November 2 is Dia de Muertos

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Susan Estep
Susan Estep
31 paź 2018

Thank you Maestra Grace ... I love all these beautiful traditions... this one so poignant and and full of potential for both worlds ... I’m feeling grateful and full in my heart with more understanding .. .. love for you ❤️

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